30 days. 2 childhood friends. 4 wheels. 1642 miles.* 9 countries. 3 ferries. 128 spokes.

*subject to change, dependent on reliability of cue sheets


Day 1: Amsterdam, NE to Leeuwarden, NE

Route available here. 92.5 miles.

Day 2: Leeuwarden, NE to Leer, DE

Day 3: Leer, DE to Zeven, DE

Day 4: Zeven, DE to Hamburg, DE

Day 5: Hamburg, DE to Schwerin, DE or Lübeck, DE

Day 6: Lübeck, DE to Schwerin, DE or Schwerin, DE to Neukloster, DE

Day 7: Schwerin, DE or Neukloster, DE to Rostock, DE

Day 7, cont: (ferry from Rostock, DE to Gedser, DK)

Day 7, cont: Gedser, DK to Vordingborg, DK

Day 8: Vordingborg, DK to Copenhagen, DK